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Two Oceans

Cape Town is situated on the Cape Peninsula which divides two diverse ocean systems, the Agulhas and the Benguela currents in the Indian and Atlantic oceans respectively. As such UCT is an exceptional base for research on a range of internationally important marine conservation conflicts. Chief amongst these are the interactions between white sharks and recreational water users in False Bay. Dr Alison Kock (Shark Spotters and SANParks) and iCWild students (PhD Candidate Tammy Engelbrecht and MSc candidate Leigh De Necker) are currently working towards understanding the habitat use, diet and movement patterns of both white sharks and Broadnose sevengill  sharks within False Bay and along the Atlantic coast. This research is important to understanding the ecology of apex predators within a coastal environment that includes large numbers of recreational ocean users. In collaboration with Professor Stephen Redpath (University of Aberdeen) we aim to understand how values shape conservation and management plans for mitigating human-shark conflict both in South Africa and globally.