Dr. Marion Tafani

Marion is a French ecologist holding an engineering degree in Agronomy from Bordeaux Sciences Agro and a Ph.D. in population ecology from the Biometry and Evolutionary Biology laboratory (LBBE, University of Lyon) in France. Her PhD work focused on the impact of climate change on life history traits of alpine mammals using a long-term individual-based study. Her current research come from an interest to link ecological sciences with her knowledge in agronomy to better address human-wildlife conflicts in the context of global change.

She joined the Karoo Predator Project in 2015 to study the ecology of Chacma baboons (Papio ursinus) in conflict with extensive small livestock farms. Meso-predators are considered a major source of small livestock losses in the Karoo but recently predatory behaviour was also reported for baboons. Marion is using movements of GPS-collared baboons and stable isotopes to study baboon behavior and seasonal diet on farms, at the individual and the troop level. She will also use questionnaires to assess conflict severity and its determinants at a larger scale, to inform future management decisions.

Passionate about wildlife, naturalist amateur and newbie runner, she fits happily in the HWI.



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