Zoe Woodgate

Travelling across Southern Africa in the back of her parents 4x4 ignited a passion for wildlife within Zoe. It drove her to complete her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2013, majoring in Applied Biology and Ecology & Evolution. She went on to complete her Honours degree at the same institution, with her research project focused on exploring whether the relative abundance of various predator guilds were affected primarily by bottom-up or by top-down processes. Her interest in utilising camera traps as a tool in research encouraged her to further her academic studies, thus in 2015 she began a M.Sc. degree at UCT investigating predictors of presence for the critically endangered riverine rabbit. The initial success and scope of the project was such that she is in the process of upgrading to a Ph.D. Zoe currently works with both Endangered Wildlife Trust and SANBI to investigate the effects of land use on the presence of medium and large mammals in the South African drylands, paying particular attention to riverine rabbits. The results of this study will provide an extensive data set on land use and mammal presence/diversity/distribution in addition to a finer scale assessment of riverine rabbit presence throughout the Karoo and known distribution of the species.