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Support us

  • Funding Goals

With limited initial capital, coupled with immediate financial obligations, iCWild will seek to start small (developmental model) and grow over the six-year funding cycle with the ultimate goal of attaining financial independence and a sustained critical mass in year six.

To achieve this, iCWild is seeking to align itself with NGOs, government organisations and the private sector. In particular, biological and ecological research requires long-term funding commitments, which hampers the pursuit of many research objectives before they get off the ground. Given the current funding crisis at South Africa’s tertiary institutions, funding commitments to research are all the more uncertain. In order to build capacity and commit to the long-term engagement that conservation conflict research requires, we need to draw support from large-sum donors and corporate funders outside of current university structures.

We will strive to meet the transformation goals of the University by incentivizing black undergraduate students through a mentorship program to pursue postgraduate research under the supervision of iCWild core members.

  • How to Contribute

Field research is an expensive business and our researchers are often in dire need of equipment, or increased support for project running costs. Sponsorships, financial donations, or donations in kind are always greatly appreciated and are incentivized in a number of ways, e.g. features in our social media, website, and annual reports.

In general, the following items are always required:

  • Camping equipment in good repair
  • Reference books relevant to our field
  • Sponsorship from companies (biotechnology, camera traps, GPS units etc.)
  • Fuel sponsorship
  • Serviceable field vehicles
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets (for field data collection, particularly behavioural data)
  • Digital cameras

Individual projects often have specific needs that are unique to their study species/system.

For any information of how you can contribute, please contact Storme Viljoen at

  • Make a Donation

Donations to iCWild are processed through the University of Cape Town’s Development and Alumni Department. All donations to UCT are tax deductible, and all donors qualify for a section 18A tax certificate.

Secure online donations can be made by completing an online form 

( Alternative ways are available from UCT on the Ways to give page

Please note the following terms and conditions from the UCT website

  • Ensure that all required information is provided.
  • All information will be held strictly confidential and will not be sold or made available to any third party.
  • This facility uses Virtual Card Services (VCS) as its secure web server.
  • Please send completed forms or proof of payment to and, and specify that your donation is intended for The Institute for Communities and Wildlife in Africa.

Alternatively, please contact Storme Viljoen at for other donation options.